Thursday, December 4, 2008

What bothers me about the Tincaps

While watching football over the weekend, I realize what bothers me about the Tincaps.

I'm not sure what game it was--not the Colts, I know--but I saw a replay of a touchdown celebration, during which the scorer did a funky dance that included knee-bending, hip thrusting, and arm raising.

In other words, he looked pretty dumb.

And I heard a voice in my head, the voice of one of Tony's summer-league baseball coaches, a former assistant coach at IPFW, repeating his mantra:

"Act like you been there."

The football player was acting as if he'd never scored a touchdown before--not in PAL football, or middle school, or high school, or college. Which of course he had. But his action said, "Look at me! I did it!"

Now, just for a moment, imagine Derek Jeter doing that same little dance after doing anything--hitting a home run, shoot, knocking a run in, or turning a DP. Just. Try. To. Imagine. It.

Because, THANK GOD, baseball players (who of course, can also grandstand at times, being human, especially after hitting HRs) most of the time just do their job and trot off the field. They "act like they've been there."

Now, back to the Tincaps.

Minor league baseball has become not always so much about the baseball, but about the marketing. (Like football. Example: Superbowl hype followed by mostly boring games.)

If the NY Yankees pinstriped uniforms are the understated, class uniform of baseball -- the Yankee's franchise, stadium, success, and history sell them -- then the Tincaps uniforms are the over-the-top, made-to-sell uniform of minor league baseball.

Which, then, makes them brilliant! As being voted best new logo proves.

Because my baseball opinions have been shaped by baseball purists, I trend toward the understated. Pinstripes, not metal hats.

But, as a consumer, I certainly appreciate the genious of the marketing.

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