Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Metamorphosis of a crisis

Late last week, just after the ice storm had hit, I opened up the paper and was surprised to see how little coverage of the storm there was. Since I drive between Huntington and Fort Wayne everyday, I get a interesting overview of conditions, and I knew conditions were not good--trees falling in front of me, Roanoke dark, four cars in ditches, stoplights out -- you were there, you know.

I had a Katrina kind of feeling--when I watched Brian Williams standing on a dry New Orleans street shortly after the storm hit, saying, well, it's not that bad. And then the levies broke and all the news media descended and we're still hearing about it.

That's the same kind of feeling I have right now. The ice lingers, the problems too, and finally we're hearing the words from the mayor and others I said to myself last week on my way home: Disaster area. : Fort Wayne news, sports, jobs, homes, cars: "It’s too early to put a price tag on the damage caused by heavy ice and strong winds, Lundberg said. Some of the claims reflect damage from downed trees."

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  1. My goodness - THANK YOU for writing this! We were without power from 6 a.m. Friday until 2 Tuesday. I called daily (and sometimes more than daily) to AEP, but the people answering the phones had no real info. WOWO had nothing more than the same paragraph repeated hourly all day, and the papers had little of real substance. I'm assuming TV was the same, although we had no power so we had no TV. Driving around, the town did look like a disaster zone with all the poor trees.
    I hope you have power. Merry Christmas! This is certainly a memorable one.