Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let there be light

Just not through MY window.

To the casual observer, i.e., me, this past week's newspaper and blogosphere reportage of our new Fort Wayne LIGHT ORDINANCE brings just one reaction:


I mean, really, if somebody's decorative or security lighting is so bright and aimed so badly as to disturb someone's peace, shouldn't this be a neighbor-to-neighbor negociation? I mean, all parties being of a peaceful persuasion. Or, okay, so you're not so fond of your neighbors. What are the neighborhood associations for? Isn't there a neighborhood liaison kind of person who could help mitigate this kind of disagreement?

I mean, really, if we're going to worry about light pollution, it's the kind beaming into outer space we ought to worry about. We don't want to be blinding our celestial neighbors.

Also, what are curtains for? 

Don't we have bigger problems to resolve than this? For instance, how to keep a vibrant organization like Gym Rats in Fort Wayne? Because I don't think most people have a clue just how many folks the Spiece basketball tournaments bring in.

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