Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cathy's Command Central

I've been working at home this week and realized my kitchen table is starting to resemble Command Central.

My trusty Sony Vaio anchors the workspace, of course, but there on the left is my Best Christmas Present Ever.

My new Acer Aspire netbook. It's like the Vaio had a baby! And I adopted it!

It fits in my purse, it's navy blue, and I love it. If I could afford to add the G3 capability, Iwould die happy.

As it is, I'll live connected--in wifi range, anyway!


  1. sheila5:15 PM

    I'm soooo jealous. I have been telling my brother I want that little computer for the longest time. Sigh..

  2. Anonymous4:10 AM

    that is a nice computer. in a strange way the kitchen table used as a desk seems like a good option. i have a glass desk that the dog (15 pounds of lovin) has broken down becouse the dog thinks she is a cat and wants to lay up on it. so now and then i hear my glass creekk.....hummm scray. and then i wont mind some more chairs around the desk. i like your command central. :) happy new years. ida