Saturday, November 15, 2008

What part of, "Don't rake your leaves in the street" don 't people understand? Also, what's up with the trees?

Because city residents in Aboite don't get it all.

Every neighbor has racked their yard ... right in to the streets, and it's a mess. Whether it's a big pile or a small pile, I sure don't want drive through it, so if there's an oncoming car, I'm sitting and waiting for it to pass. Makes our streets an obstacle course. Plus the wind messes up the piles so there are leaves all over. Please, city crews, come vacuum our leaves up FAST.

Fort Wayne leaf pickups to continue Saturday | The News-Sentinel - Fort Wayne IN: "Lots of leaves, coupled with a holiday, are causing Fort Wayne street crews to make Saturday a catchup day."

Also: I was walking one day last week and coming up to the corner to turn back to our house when a neighbor (out raking leaves into the streets, I'm not kidding) asked me if I had gotten a letter "about the trees."

I hadn't and she says she didn't, either.

But she had had three or four trees planted in the easement between the sidewalk and the street, and didn't want them (her yard is very wooded).

On calling the city, she was told that she had (or should have been) sent a letter, with instructions on how to opt out of the trees. If you didn't let them know you didn't want the trees, they got planted.

To remove them: $200 bucks a tree. And no, you can't 't cut them down yourself, without a fine (according to the neighbor).

We've had trees planted all around the entrances to additions and around intersections. Seems like a good idea to me--but then I didn't get any, so no leaves for me to rake in the future. And mowing is not one of my home chores (the mower in our house claims they would be "hard to mow around").

I looked on the City of Fort Wayne web site ( and while I found information about the program where you can request a tree to be planted, I found nothing about a "plant trees all over the neighborhood" program.

Maybe folks needed more than one letter about it...or maybe that wouldn't have done any good, either.

But then: I like the trees. But I won't like their leaves when they're in the street.

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