Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vote cast, wine drunk, dishes done--November 4 is so over

Well, the worst thing about embracing my birthday was waking up this morning, realizing it was over, and that I still had to add another year to my total when people ask me, so how old are you (which, thank God, few do). 

Although I may embrace the suggestion of Barb My Neighbor, who said I should plead dyslexia and tell people I'm 35.

So now you know.

Really, what an amazing day--from hitting the polls with the longest line ever at 7:30 (done by 8:10, BTW), to going to work and getting birthday wishes and presents from all the work crew, lunch out with best buds Michelle and Sarah, then a race home to tie up all the last minute stuff for the party in time for the first doorbell.

A house full of family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers of every political persuasion managed to spend an evening together without killing one another. 

Of course, we had a few mitigating elements--mainly a table full of food, an island full of beverages (including that chocolate wine), ice cream, and most importantly, birthday cupcakes.

Plus, I got presents and everybody sang.

Nothing like a little ice cream, cake and wine to make political rivals chill out.

It being a work night, the house was cleared out by 10:30 and Greg had to go to bed. So I had the TV to myself as CNN called the election at 11 and I watched Grant Park go wild. (We had driven by the park on Saturday night on our way home from the Chicago bus trip. The tents were already up.)

And I just couldn't go to bed until the newly elected president-elect spoke, and as beat as I was today, I was glad I did. Wow. That was some history.

But I did go to bed without knowing which way Indiana went--stunning in itself, that it should be in question so long. And to learn the next morning we'd gone blue--another wow.

What a great birthday I had!

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