Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I lost the POTUS '08 I loved today

I am just sick.
I knew that the XM radio channel lineup would be changing because of the merger with Sirius.
And I wondered what would happen to my favorite news channel, POTUS '08, which has done an outstanding job of covering the election since last year. I had emailed XM and had been assured that it wasn't going to go away.
I almost wish it had--this afternoon when I turned it on expecting to hear on of my favorite shows, 1400, instead was a CALL IN show hosted by a COMEDIAN. 
It's still called POTUS but has lost its news integrity.
If I wanted to listen to talk radio, I'd just switch to AM.
I am going to miss POTUS '08 so much. I was looking forward to the transition coverage they might have had.
If only.

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