Saturday, November 15, 2008

A classic at Spuller

While this game did not pass my personal attendance test (Do I know anyone on the field? Is it warm? Is it dry?), Greg and Tony decided to go. Being Homestead people, we've seen a lot of "classic battles" (and also, "classic blowouts") between the Spartans and both of those teams over the years.

I got a call around 9 (we were at warm, dry Target) telling me what a great game it had been--one of the best high school football teams they'd ever seen (and believe me, we have seen way too many high school football games).

They had sat on the Snider side and, while they had no really strong feelings about who won (again, having suffered bitter defeats to both teams at various times since the '90s), they were tending towards the Panthers, going for the locals. Although a bunch of Homestead coaches ended up sitting near them were trending Carmel in their support.

We watched Channel 15's Highlight Zone later and I got to see the field goal attempted by Snider at the .6-sec mark that hit the crossbar and wobbled the wrong way, which had already been described to me in great detail by the attendees.

It would really have been cool for a local team to get to play the first state championship football games in the new Lucas Field, but hey, maybe Dwenger.

They were only slightly damp and mentioned that while it felt fairly warm in the first half, it really cooled off for the second.

Panthers lose ‘_classic_ regional | The Journal Gazette: "Defeat never went down more bitterly than it did for Snider on Friday in a 24-21 Class 5A regional loss to No. 3 Carmel in the cold slop of Spuller Stadium. Nor did it go down more stubbornly."

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