Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big time comes to IPFW

Julian was picked to be a ball boy at last night's IPFW-Michigan State game last night at the Memorial Coliseum, so of course he took his fan base with him.

I even remembered to wear my IPFW T-shirt (class of '82). The little girls wore their IU cheer outfits.

Great crowd, small but vocal student section, peppy little band, enthusiastic cheerleaders and the top-notch atmosphere of the Coliseum. Lots of Michigan State fans in attendance, but plenty of IPFW blue, too.

The guys sitting behind us were from Michigan; one works for the Lugnuts (okay, I confess, I overhead this entire conversation during a quieter moment) and he was feeling the love for Fort Wayne sports teams--he didn't now which one he liked better ("They have great names here")--Komets ("With a 'k'," he specified), Mad Ants (he LOVED that one), TinCaps (no comment) and even the Mastodons.

My first semester at IPFW was the fall of '76--Kettler, Neff, library and the union, and of course the troms. I didn't even know IPFW had sports teams then--and I wrote for the Communicator.

ESPN was all about the game this morning--seems that Michigan State was the only ranked team to play last night. I guess ESPN news was befuddled as to why the game was played in Fort Wayne--and Mike and Mike in the morning thought the comments by the ESPN News anchor was one of the funniest moments of the morning.

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