Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's up with no Target coverage in the Ft. Wayne papers?

Okay, so I've been out of town all weekend at a wedding in Minnesota, but I took a quick reconnaissance around our BRAND NEW TARGET last Thursday. I smiled the entire time--we Aboite shoppers have been waiting for Target a long, LONG time (me, personally, since 1986).

So we get home this afternoon and I sit down with my pile of weekend papers for a quick read-through, thinking there would be a little coverage or a picture or two of our shiny new store, to celebrate its opening.

Was I so wrong,or what? 'Cause I didn't see anything about the happy occasion.

Which got me thinking.

You know, one day last week, in the News-Sentinel, they ran a picture of SOMEBODY'S RED WHITE AND BLUE PIE, along with all the baby pictures and scenic shots of people's vacations (mostly not from Allen County, much less Indiana). Let me repeat that. Space in the newspaper was taken up by A PICTURE OF SOMEBODY'S PIE.

I mean, did anyone else look at that picture of the pie and think, WTF? Have we sunk to depths of journalism so low that we have to run pictures of readers' pies?

It's great that Ft. Wayne is one of the only cities left in the U.S. with both a morning and evening paper. But do we really need a paper that RUNS PICTURES OF PIES for no reason, other than SOMEONE SENT IT IN?

Because if today it's a pie, what will it be tomorrow? If I take a picture of my chicken shish kabobs, perhaps tying a ribbon on the skewers, would that make the cut?

And this: who is buying papers--how is this increasing circulation--these pictures of pie? Who gets up in the morning and says, wow, I really need to buy that afternoon paper, because there might be PIE pictures in it.

I like pie, but do I need pictures in my newspaper? Not so much, especially when it ignores real news, like the opening of a southwest Target.

What other stories are we missing? Because I'm worried now.

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