Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shout Out to Everett from the JG

Has anyone else observed that Fort Wayne is no much more interesting, and has so much more personality, in the blogosphere than in the traditional media?

Case in point--Everett White, local police officer, blogger and best of all, photographer. His work is stunning. (Visit his site at:

Late to the party as usual, the JG had an article about him and his work last Sunday: Officer passionate about capturing images of city he patrols | The Journal Gazette: "Everett White sees every photograph as an opportunity to capture a split-second moment and preserve it forever."

Sometimes I think the local newspapers should just can their reporting, and run people's blog entries every day. Really, from our local political blogs to the sports to the personal, I learn more about this city online in blogs, everyday, than from the newspapers.

I'm still not over that picture of pie in the NS.

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