Monday, October 6, 2008

Scotts vs. Kroger: Kroger wins

What was Scott's known for before Kroger takeover? Yea, I know--high prices. Besides that.

Customer service. High school boys in black pants and white shirts and ties bagging up and carrying out your groceries--any time of day, any weather. Except for when the senior citizen gentlemen were working during school hours.

No more. Scotts has totally sunk to Kroger level. Baggers are few and far between. One reason I had quit going to Kroger was because I always had to bag my own groceries. If I'm going to bag, I'm going to Aldi's and save more money.

We went over to the Scotts at Chestnut Plaza for just a few things. Which we bagged and carried out ourselves.

Yea, the lower prices are nice, but God, I miss those kids.

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  1. Sheila8:35 PM

    I miss Scotts products too. You may have paid a little more but somehow I felt their quality was better than Krogers. Alas the "Wonderful" economy took out another legend in the making.