Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Preparing for Nov. 4

Be the smart one at your election party! - Decision '08- "So what about Indiana?
Against the odds, polls have shown Indiana to be a toss up, quite a feat considering the state hasn't voted Democratic since 1964, and before that in 1936. George Bush won the state by some 20 points in 2004.

But Obama being from a neighboring state has appeared to help, as it has in all the states bordering Illinois except Kentucky.

Pay attention to Republican Mark Souder, the seven-term veteran from Fort Wayne in northeast Indiana. Souder’s House race against Democrat Michael Montagano is rated “Lean Republican” by The Cook Political Report.

A Souder defeat would be a clear signal that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is set to expand her 235-seat majority by 20 or 30 seats or more."

Again, Indiana getting the love from the national media in a story on As it happens, I WILL be at a party on Nov. 4 ... and some people say, I'm already the smart one.

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