Monday, October 6, 2008

Overheard in Fort Wayne and Kendallville

Although I have some Fort Wayne news- and sports-pundit types (also, bloggers) putting a positive spin on the TinCaps name, I've yet to talk to a single person who likes it. No one can get past the "pothead" inference. Or the irony of moving the team AWAY from next door to Johnny Appleseed's (possible) gravesite just to NAME the team after said apple horticulturalist. Or, the contrast (as I pointed out in my first post on the subject) of building a trendy new downtown stadium and naming the team after a rustic cooking-pot wearer.

And at the Kendallville Apple Festival: I've never overheard so many people talking politics! The debates and Sarah Palin seemed to be most mentioned. I was pretty appalled to overhear an older gentleman talking on a cell phone, standing next to me as I waited while my husband was waiting in a food line, telling a racist Barack Obama joke. Like it was funny. Enough to make one lose one's appetite.

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