Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Official countdown to Cathy's birthday, which also happens to be the election this year

October first!

It's time to start the official countdown, and on the right you will find the little widget that will do this for us automatically. What are we counting down to?

Look closely and the secret will be revealed: Indeed, citizens, in the Presidential Election Year of 2008, not only is November 4 Election Day, which it is some years, but also Cathy's Birthday, which is is every year.

Cathy has not been real hot on celebrating her birthday for obvious encroaching senior-citizen reasons the last few years, but feels that she must throw caution to the cholesterol and embrace the precipitous moment.

I'll be partying like it's 1988 (no political significance there; I was just a lot younger then) all day. Gifts, cake and congratulatory messages will be accepted.

34 days.

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