Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chris Roberts, former WOWO DJ, profiled

File it under "Whatever Happened To?"

When we first moved to Fort Wayne, there was ONE radio station that everyone listened to, and that was WOWO. For music AND news.

Bob Sievers, Jack Underwood, Charlie Butcher and Chris Roberts got us through flood, blizzard and everyday in between.

Chris was one of my favorites and it's great to read what he's been up to.

A Day in the Life of... a radio station owner: "Area residents have been listening to Chris Roberts on the radio for more than 35 years. The former WOWO-AM announcer has been in Van Wert since 1995 as owner, engineer, programmer, and morning host at WERT-AM and WKSD-FM."

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  1. I met Chris and his wife Rita back in the 70's before she passed away. He had a production studio in their apartment. My Dad did business with Rita and he was one of the influencing factors for my launching my radio career.