Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The campaign is not won, but a good analysis nonetheless

Personally, despite media predictions and poll dissections to the contrary, I think the election is far from decided. S0 the "already decided" tone of this piece is premature. That doesn't take away from the salient observations in this Salon piece of how McCain has shot himself in the foot during this campaign. And, IF he should pull out the election, it leaves him with a lot of pieces to pull together, legislatively and popularly.

I particularly liked the section about McCain's vice presidential pick. I'm still recommending grad school for her.

How John McCain ran against himself | Salon News: "Remember that Karl Rove drove the GOP to ruin

The Rovian philosophy that presidential politics revolves around mobilizing the conservative base in 2004 came within 120,000 votes in Ohio of costing Bush the White House. And that was when the Republican brand and Bush himself were comparatively popular. From the Falwell folly to the Sarah Palin pyrotechnics, McCain (the Sequel) has been far too politically obsessed with worrying about what social conservatives think of him. The answer should have been obvious -- the evangelicals and home-schoolers prefer McCain to Obama, if unenthusiastically. Rather than trying to arouse the base with ominous references to Bill Ayers, McCain should have realized early on that such shrill tactics do not play well with independents and moderates who were his original presidential constituency. As far as declaring war on the New York Times and shunning the reporters who once lionized him, that tactic only makes political sense if McCain's ultimate goal is to win an anchor job on Fox News when the campaign is over."

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