Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welborn's Fort Wayne post has legs

I posted on this earlier today, then noticed this evening that Angry White Boy did too (and it's worth it to go read just to check out his categorization of the entry).

Be sure to go back to Amy's blog and read the comments--quite the discussion going on there, positive and negative.

Came across this discussion over a Lutheran blog:

Three Hierarchies: "Now, Amy Welborn doesn't mention that Ft. Wayne is the Zion of 'confessional Lutheranism' (I'm putting quotes around that, because I've known far too many great vicars from St. Louis who are 100% in accord with the Book of Concord to take 'confessionalism' as something only in Ft. Wayne)."

And on Crunchy Con, a popular Catholic blog, they're talking about us too:

"Amy Welborn and her family moved this summer from Fort Wayne, Indiana, to Birmingham, Alabama -- and boy, does she ever shake the dust off her feet in this post. It's well worth reading (is Amy ever not?), especially for people like me who lament the lack of tradition and stability in urbanity. Amy writes of the down side of a close-knit community, concluding that there's a thin line between healthy stability and suffocating stasis...." (more)

Nancy Nall, former Fort Wayne columnist and resident, concurred with Welborn, of course: her disdain for the Summit City is well known.

My thought? Why bother with a post like this? Anyone who read Amy's blog knows she didn't like Fort Wayne, and couldn't wait to leave. Why the need to analyze one's dislike, and then promote it, knowing it would just piss (some) people off?

If I wrote for a local newspaper, though, I'd get a story out of this--even the local papers are getting bashed in comments.

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  1. Sheila8:01 PM

    Sounds like Fort Wayne is lucky Amy left to me. I like it here, but I say if you're not happy we don't have a fence around the city and certainly won't make you stay.