Monday, September 15, 2008

A long weekend in NYC

Here is what Ft. Wayne people have in common with NYC people: no matter what else they are doing--in Ft. Wayne, it might be walking around the mall, or driving around in a car; in NYC, it might be sitting on a Central Park bench or riding the subway--but here's what ELSE they/we do at the same time: Talk, Text, Eat, Drink.

Here we are near The Pond in Central Park.

Before we hit Central Park, we wandered in to Trump Tower to take a biobreak and look around. Here's what we spied at the gift counter: DeBrand Chocolate, as seen on The Apprentice. I refrained from buying any, seeing as it was 90 degrees and I knew I could get some (probably a much lower price) at home.

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  1. Sheila1:09 PM

    Nice Picture. I love New York!