Friday, September 26, 2008

Good news, bad news Friday Edition

Our weekly look at today's top headlines, when we pass judgment: Is it good news, bad news, or ... it is what it is.


Purdue to weigh shops at at IPFW
. Cathy says, good news! Anything that supports students and makes Fort Wayne look more like the college town it is, is good news!

Library scrimps as income drops
. Cathy says, it is what it is. Cathy loves the library, and likes to give her tax dollars to it! But understands that having balanced budgets is important, too.

In sports

BCS? Not so fast, USC — Oregon St
. stuns No. 1. Cathy says, good news. Because USC beat OSU. And where team loyalties go, there is no logic, although some would try to impose it. Don't bother.

Presidential debate still in limbo amid elaborate blame game. Cathy says, bad news. This debate needs to happen to get the candidates in front of the country talking about the economy (although the debate is supposed to be about foreign relations).

Bailout deal not set; WaMu seized by government; small business in jeopardy, Wall Street falls, etc. Cathy says, bad news. Very very bad news. Cathy is glad she is not the one having to solve these problems, but Cathy (and you) will be the one(s) who suffer(s) from a bad economy.

Best News of the Day
Sunday in the Park with Jazz. Cathy says, good news! Sunday from 12-5 p.m. in Headwaters Park. Live music (free!), food and drink available, and the weather looks great. How better to forget all that BAD NEWS of the week?

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