Friday, September 19, 2008

Good news, bad news Friday edition

Welcome to a new feature of Common Sensibilities! On Good News, Bad News, Fridays, we'll look at today's top headlines and pass judgment on them. What could be more fun?

And who's" we"? It's me, of course ... and you! Oh sure, I'll give you my opinion, then let you vote, too. Good news or bad news? It's up to us. And we better add a third category. Let's call it "It is what it is." Sometimes stuff can be good AND bad, right?

Winter heat bills to jump by $100. Cathy says, bad news! Cathy wonders: The budget payment increased by $20 per month last May, even though we'd had an overage last winter. Will Cathy's budget payment go up AGAIN? Stay tuned.

Aqua Indiana rates to rise 75 percent. Cathy says, bad news! See above! How much can Cathy's budget take?

Polls find close race in Indiana. Cathy says, good news! Because it's more fun being a battleground state! Even if McCain (one visit to Indiana since the primaries) isn't taking it seriously

In sports
Cubs magic number to clinch the division is 2.-- Cathy says, good news! Surely even the Cubs can win two more games.

New species discovered in Australia--Cathy says, good news! The world continues to have surprises for us!

Government moves to time credit crisis--Cathy says, it is what it is. That we're in a credit crisis is bad news; that something has to be done is unarguable; that the government does it is debatable.

Best news of the day
Johnny Appleseed Festival is this weekend. Cathy says, great news! Because any place where you can eat fresh corn on the cob while sipping apple cider and listening to a bagpipe band is all good.

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