Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Weird headlines of the day from

Some headline days are better than others, and beg to be shared:

"Trouble in Jamie Lynn Spears' fairy tale?"
1) According to the Chicago Manual of Style, the possessive should be "Spears's"
2) WhoEVER thought Jamie Lynn was living a fairy tale? Any sane person would call her life a "nightmare."

"Rogue monkey eludes Tokyo police"
1) Just use your imagination.

"Two-headed turtle stolen"
1) Again, no comment needed.

"Prospects grim for yacht-suckling whale"
1) While I might enjoying sucking up to a yacht, it's very sad about the young whale.

"Hip-hop grannies wow Beijing"
1) Enough with the imagination. Look for this one in videos.

"Boxer who bit foe won't face more sanctions"
1) But will face a short stint locked in a small room with Mike Tyson

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