Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tale of the traveling couch

This is the story of my son and daughter-in-law's traveling couch, courtesy of Talk of the Town of Whitley County.
Tony and Jayme really put some elbow grease into cleaning it up and it turned out great.
Not mentioned is one of the catalysts for their livingroom update: the 42-inch plasma TV Tony bought for his birthday last week. The Olympics looked great!
I have personally sat on this sofa myself in three different residences!

Traveling couch finds its way back home with Whitley County family

(Photo provided) The sectional sofa, above, has been traveling between the households of several college friends for years, now providing a respite place in Jayme Dee's Whitley County home.

By Jennifer Zartman Romano

A few weeks ago, Whitley County resident Jayme Dee put an ad on Talk of the Town in search of a new sofa for her living room. Within a short period of time, her request was fulfilled – in an unexpected way…with a couch she owned years ago that’s found its way into her home once again.

“I rented a house with a friend in college, we had a sectional,” Dee said. “When I got married it didn't fit in our house so we gave it to another friend. They wanted to get rid of it and we wanted a different couch, so we got it back.”

This same blue sectional Berne Furniture sofa, at this point, has traveled between a group of college friends and their parents for several years now – once again finding a life of usefulness in Dee’s home.

“I think it is great that they couch has traveled between friends,” said Dee. “I'm sure the original couple that purchased it had no idea it would be used this much! Or travel this far - and then back around in the circle!”

Back in Dee’s possession, she initially thought about recovering it this time, but after some cleaning decided it didn’t need to be recovered.

“I looked in to purchasing a slipcover for it but sectional slip covers are very expensive and hard to find,” she said. “I don't have any current plans to change it but might someday in the future.”

“My husband really loves having the sectional. It gives us more seating room for guests,” said Dee. “Our living room was limited to about 5 people in the past (two recliners and one couch). Now the sectional seats 6 plus we have a recliner.”

But, given the sofa’s predilection to traveling, how long will she keep it?

“I imagine we will keep it for a while this time,” she said.

“I think keeping or recycling furniture items is a great idea. It is an inexpensive way to change the look any room in your house.”

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