Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goodbye, "Castle"

Goodbye, fighting for a parking space with whatever other event was happening at the Coliseum.

Goodbye, cement; goodbye, oh-my-aching-back-less bleachers.

Goodbye, noisy obnoxious guy who sat in the front row.

Goodbye, Dinger, you dingy dragon--thanks for that nuggie in 2002.

Goodbye, balls flying over the potato basket or whatever they called that black net, endangering the traffic on Coliseum Blvd.

Goodbye, foul balls flying out of the ballpark, endangering the parked cars behind it.

Goodbye, annoying the nearby neighborhoods with great fireworks on any or all nights of the week.

Goodbye, stadium we first visited when our kids were young, where they grew up, where we now take their kids.

Goodbye, tiny gift shop where I have purchased way too many Wizards mini-bats.

Goodbye, deck, my favorite spot, where we could sit with out dollar 'dogs and drinks and let the evening stretch before us like an extra-inning game.

Goodbye, "Ks" hanging from the press box.

Goodbye, 7th-inning-stretch on any night with mostly kids--Boy Scout or Girl Scout night, reading rewards night, Little League night.

Goodbye, sound of Take Me Out to the Ballgame lifting sweetly over the stands.

Goodbye, left-field fence, where Angela finally got to met Ryne Sandberg and get his autograph.

Goodbye, offices, where Tony had his first real job as he interned during his senior year at St. Francis.

Goodbye, pitcher's mound, where Julian threw out a first pitch on his birthday (along with the bishop!), just before a raging thunderstorm struck and canceled the game, and we had to eat birthday cake at home.

Goodbye, outfield, where the Boy Scouts had camp-outs, tents strewn like crazy confetti over the grass.

Goodbye, buying bleacher tickets but sitting in the lower level.

Goodbye, playground, where I've missed too many innings watching little kids play.

Goodbye, restrooms, the only warm place on cold April nights.

Goodbye, nachos-with-cheese-and-jalapenos and a Diet Coke, my ultimate ballgame treat.

Goodbye, Wizards. Thanks for playing on August 12, 1994, when MLB went on strike, but the game went on in Fort Wayne.

That's the thing about baseball: there's always another game, another team, another season, another stadium.

Hello, Harrison Square, and whoever the Wizards will be next year. Hello baseball.

Fort Wayne Wizards say goodbye to Memorial Stadium -- "Fort Wayne Wizards say goodbye to Memorial Stadium"

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