Friday, August 22, 2008

Fort Wayne bloggers: posting like crazy

I really need to update my blogroll, for I read many more blogs than I have listed. And lots of them are Ft. Wayne blogs.

We are a prolific bunch. When I opened up my RSS reader today, it showed no less than 26 new posts in my Ft. Wayne blog group. And I had just checked last night!

And just by skimming the Fort blogs, I found a new blog to read via Joe; read more about the low water levels via the Around Fort Wayne blog; from the Allen County Democats, in the story that won't die, learned that there may be a plea deal in the Kelty Kake Kase; Angry White Boy is still angry [I worry about him, carrying around all that anger, it can't be healthy]; Everett promises a redesign of his already beautiful site, his photography always stunning; always full of insightful news and perspective, Fort Wayne Observed reports of the passing of former mayer Bob Armstrong; lots of Wizard baseball news (players past and present) at Baseball in Fort Wayne; more information than I might have hoped from about R. Nelson Snider from Child of the Fort; and really, if I have to read one more word about this IT contract on any blog, I must might crash. Oh, and Grand Funk Railroad is coming to town. Grand. Funk. Railroad. Yea, they were fun to listen to ... in the SEVENTIES. Am I the ONLY grown-up sick of OLDIES?


  1. We have a lot of stuff on our minds!!! :)

  2. Sheila11:49 AM

    I recently had one of my readers tell me that although he didn't write he read my blog every day because it was good emotional therapy. I never thought about it until he said it, but for me writing is a type of emotional therapy. And yes we have a lot on our minds!

  3. Well thanks for your kind words, Cathy! Redesign is now live :o)

    Photography only.

  4. I'm sick of oldies too - Though I made a conscious decision to not grow up at least 20 years ago :)