Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So fun reading about Ft. Wayne problems in national publications...and/or blogs

So I'm not in Fort Wayne at the moment. We've taken the annual trek to northern Ohio (aka, The North Coast) for family visits and a sampling of the best the area has to offer: a trip to Cleveland's Little Italy (near University Circle) is planned, as is a trip to a Lake Erie Island, plus a winery visit or two.

But of course I lugged the laptop with me to the parents and fire it up now and then. Including reading on Fort Wayne Observed that the Journal-Gazette was late AGAIN...then finding the following story in Editor and Publisher about the problem.

Fort Wayne 'Journal Gazette' Tech Problems Delay Distribution: "Fort Wayne 'Journal Gazette' Tech Problems Delay Distribution"

Kind of E&P not to comment on the lingering problems in getting our papers out on time since the installation of the new presses. I also noticed that no one, locally or otherwise, commented on the lateness of the News-Sentinel a couple of weekends ago, nor of the shoddy print production--I mean, come on! The registration of color pages has been terrible lately. I thought the new presses would fix that--it's something our papers seem to do best.

When I come to Ohio, I read The Sandusky Register. I opened up yesterday's issue and my thought was--what beautiful color. Vibrant, tight, and well-used on the page. Maybe our local pressman should give their compadres in Sandusky, Ohio a call.

On another newspaper note, I again participated in an anticipated exercise of futility of putting a vacation hold on my newspaper. Including an email to the VP of circulation for Ft. Wayne Newspapers. Unfortunately, both my JG and NS carriers, bless their hearts, seem categorically unable to recognize and carry out a a vacation hold, no matter which method of communication I use. This would include online, telephone, emails, and brick walls constructed in my newspaper tubes with neon signs proclaiming: "VACATION HOLD! VACATION HOLD!" Thank goodness for good neighbors.

Pursuant to my first paragraph: I know that many people in our area visit Cedar Point, but are pretty ignorant of the many many other fun things to do in northern Ohio. Visit the links above for some ideas, or email me for more information. It's a great one-tank (or so) trip.

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