Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Indiana trailers not looking good in Congress probe

Congress names names in FEMA trailer probe - Capitol Hill- "But he saved his sharpest criticism for Gulf Stream, of Nappanee, Ind., which provided the Federal Emergency Management Agency with 50,000 travel trailers under two contracts worth a total of $50 million."

Just after Hurricane Katrina, I remember driving to Indianapolis and seeing many, many trailers on the way from northern Indiana (or, as 21Alive would say, "upstate Indiana") to New Orleans. And feeling kind of good about Hoosiers helping out.

Wrong feeling.

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  1. Did you read the whole article? Perhaps the trailers were simply being built to the specifications the government requested. Indiana did help the disaster victims through the production of the trailers and many other ways as well.

    "Gulf Stream Chairman Jim Shea responded that the company conducted only informal tests of the trailers that did not produce reliable results. He also said the company offered to share the results with FEMA and to participate in further testing.

    “FEMA did not accept,” he said."

    "“The problem was and is confusion among government agencies, not some conspiracy by trailer manufacturers,” said Rep. Tom Davis of Virginia, the committee’s ranking Republican."

    See also,