Thursday, July 10, 2008

How I know I'm not a genius

One, because it's so obvious, and two, because I have only one slight talent (and that would be WRITING, smartasses).

My observation has been that while persons of genius are really, really genius at one thing, they also have near-genius or are darn-good at a variety of stuff--art, music, writing, dancing, math, acting, nuclear physics, rocket science, whatever.

[I'm a good reader, too, but I don't think that counts. I can also apply mascara, and use my computer mouse, with my right hand (being left-handed, no small accomplishment). Not genius-worthy, though.]

So when I saw this story about bad dancing around the world, I connected immediately, being a bad dancer myself. I'm also a bad artist. And singer. I've never acted, but I'm guessing: bad. My math skills are average. Oh, and I can't cook. See?

The good news: I will not be posting YouTube videos of myself reading, nor acting, nor cooking, nor drawing, nor singing. I will continue blogging, however badly.

YouTube Phenom On Dancing Badly The World Over : NPR: "Matt Harding has gained a cult following for
making and posting YouTube videos of himself in various exotic locales — dancing badly."

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