Thursday, June 26, 2008

Verison FIOS/Big Ten issue unclear

Last week, we got a letter from Verizon about our FIOS TV service. The letter reads, in part:
"We'd like to announce the addition of exciting new channels and featured Sports package networks, such as: BIG TEN NETWORK [emphasis mine], CNN HD, USA HD, Lifetime HD, TBS HD, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, and NHL Center Ice.*"
The "*" refers to this footnote: "Following the realignment, not all new channels will be available immediately."
The date for "realignment" is given as June 30, 2008. A subhead also declares this: "By Year-End 2008 Verizon will offer: "More than 100 HD channels."
Verizon was murky at best in addressing the issue, as this Journal-Gazette story reports:
"Lee Gierczynski, a spokesman for Verizon FiOS, said no announcement has been made regarding that company and the network.
“'We will be adding content at the end of the month,' he said. 'All we can say is, ‘Stay tuned.’ ”
The Big Ten Network is NOT listed on the PDF file on the Verizon web site with the new Ft. Wayne channels, nor has Verizon made any announcement (similar to what Comcast made last week), which leads me to infer that it is among the channels to be added "by year-end."
I do find it interesting that none of the local reporting (JG, NS or TV) mentions the letter sent to Verizon customers mentioning the addition of the Big Ten Network.

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