Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Firefox 3 is now available for download

Firefox 3 - Reviews by PC Magazine

And getting great reviews. It's been my go-to browser for several years. I will agree with this PC Magazine review -- the worst thing about Firefox is how slowly it starts up, and I take part of the blame for that, since I have way too many plugins installed. But that's what makes it fun, so I'll put up with a little slowness.

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  1. I just downloaded Firefox 3 (and my nifty download certificate showing I participated in the World Record attempt).

    It seems very nice so far. Some plug ins have come back okay, but I probably need to check to see if there is an AdBlockPlus version for F3 available.

    I might disable most of my plug-ins, except for ABP. I didn't notice any huge difference in the load time from Firefox 2, but it will be interesting to see if the plug-ins really make that much of a difference.