Tuesday, June 17, 2008

AP and the blogosphere--to link or not?

AP takes on blogosphere — sort of - Netiquette- "The Associated Press took a grandiose Facebook-style faceplant last week when it attempted to impose strict guidelines on the blogosphere."

As a blogger who depends a lot on what I read online--and I read a LOT--this story was of particular interest. And as a blogger who also depends on the small piece of functionality I will use to post this--the "Send to" function on the Google Toolbar--it's something I"ll keep on my radar.

I know bloggers who write hundreds of words a day--and I admire and envy them. As much as I like to write, I have too much life that keeps me away from a computer many days to craft well-thought-out essays about the topic at hand.

So I depend on that little "Send to" button, post the article of interest, add a salient (hopefully) comment or two, and let readers decide whether to click through and read more, or not. But I always try to credit and link to the original source.

Light bulb moment: Maybe if I wasn't so dependent on the words of others, I'd find the time to write more. Mmmmm ... migt me on to something there.

Anyway: RTFA (

In other news, I've spilled mocha all over my keyboard AGAIN, and keys are sticking AGAIN, so I must get out the alcohol and swabs AGAIN before that sticking H drives me nuts AGAIN. When will she ever learn?

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