Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Another pitch for Ft. Wayne as Festival Central

I just think promoting Ft. Wayne as City of Festivals, or Party Central, has so many possibilities I'm not going to quit blogging about it.

This story on today illustrations the kind of quirky stuff people love in festivals. And what could be quirkier than Fort Wayne, Indiana, being Party Central?

The story also makes me think we need another festival here in Fort Fun, celebrating a food particular to the region: PORK TENDERLOINS. Followed up by a dessert of sugar cream pie.

I think hungry people would flock to this one.

Bizarre food festivals - Travel- "First, there are those festivals that celebrate what might be
objectively considered truly bizarre food—meals so far out of the mainstream that they’re unlikely to appeal to any but the most adventurous eaters. Then there are those festivals that celebrate regional or ethnic specialties, which are popular within a certain culture but seem bizarre to others because do not yet enjoy mainstream appeal. Finally, there are those festivals that focus so intently upon a specific food, however common, that they elevate them to the status of bizarre. For these, food becomes fetish object."

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