Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Sixth Anniversary of Blogging: May 8, 2002

How did I ever remember the time of year, much less the month, much less the date, of my first blog post? Yet I did: May 8, 2002. Six years of blogging. How many words is that? I'm not mathy enough to estimate.
In my office closet, I have years of journals--writing to myself, spiral notebooks full of my bad left-handed handwriting. When I first started blogging, I kept up my hand-written journals, but found my entries got shorter and shorter, farther and farther apart. I have a half-empty one from sometime in 2003, I think. I liked my online journal too much.
But what do I like better? The ease of entry? What's easier than writing in a notebook, though? The graphic elements--I can add a picture? The interactivity of links?
Who's kidding who? If you have a blog, and it's set to "public," you like one thing: the idea somebody else might read your words, and care.
My web metrics tell me the Internet is no danger of crashing because of heavy traffic to my site. Not today, anyway. But who knows what tomorrow's posting may bring...!

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