Saturday, May 10, 2008

Covington and Homestead: $4 gas finally gets rid of students?

I've spent years battling traffic to get to work. No, not because I work downtown. Because I live southwest, and work in Huntington, and have to get past the Homestead High School morning traffic.
When we lived off Aboite Center Road, it was backups at the former four-way stop, then traffic light, managed in the mornings by a police officer whom I admired and was grateful for every. Single. Weekday. Morning.
Then we moved off Covington Road, and it's the three-way stop at Homestead and Covington that slows me down every morning.
Until the price of gas soared.
I'm wondering if parents cracked down all their students with cars ("I am not buying gas for you to drive to school by yourself. Ride with somebody. Or ride the bus."), or if the students themselves have initiated carpooling (because I simply can't imagine HHS kids riding a school bus), but the intersection has had no backup for the last few weeks. It's down to spring break/summer vacation levels.
I just asked a co-worker who lives near me if he wants to carpool a few days a week.
If we ever wondered what the threshold was of how expensive gas had to be to initiate changes in driving habits...I think we've found it.

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