Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fort Wayne: Why can't we have one of the wackiest festivals and feel the tourism love?

America's wackiest festivals - Seasonal- "A month-by-month guide to the contests and parades that bring out America's best and quirkiest."

Friends, I still think we are missing the marketing boat by not promoting Fort Wayne (and surrounding area) as Festival Central.

With all due respect to the gentleman who wrote in a NS editorial about using "City of Museums" as our main draw, I hesitate to think the fine-but-smallish museums we offer can hold a candle to Chicago's offerings. Plus -- and I love museums -- there's a certain staid quality to the aspect.

However, as I written before, being known as the Party City sounds like fun. And who would think you'd find so much fun in Fort Wayne, Indiana? If that's not quirky, I don't know what it.

In addition to the festival-a-week that Fort Wayne and our neighboring cities and towns can already offer in the spring, summer and fall, we need to make sure we have at least one a month in the winter. Why not a Cabin Fever Festival in January? Or a February Freeze Festival?

And, why not a festival highlighting the thing we're most well-known for? I mean, ask an East- or West-Coaster what they know about Indiana, and they're bound to say, "Oh, fly-over country."

The Fly-over Festival. Think about it. And all the Midwest weirdness we could celebrate.

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