Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rob Bowen not playing much for A's

The Official Site of The New York Mets: News: Casanova 'earns' coveted a-Trophy: "Casanova is the fifth catcher to win the award. His closest competition was another catcher. Rob Bowen of the A's also hadn't played through last Thursday. He and Casanova were in their team's starting lineups Friday. The A's were in Cleveland. The first pitch of the A's-Indians game was 7:07 ET, and the Mets' game began at 7:11. So Bowen seemingly would have 'played' before Casanova. But since Bowen was on the visiting team and did not bat in the top of the first inning, and Casanova was in the field as the home-team catcher when the Mets' game began, Casanova actively 'played' before Bowen did anything in his game."

This story caught my eye. Rob being a family friend, we couldn't help but notice he was not getting much/any playing time this season. Now we see his n0n-playing almost "won" him a (NOT) wanted award.

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