Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our first Wizards game of the year, good news and bad news

Good news: The sky was blue, and the breeze was light.
Good news: The fans were involved and happy to be there.
Good news: Sitting near the deck area, with the sun in our faces, it was very warm.
Good news: The popcorn was fresh and the diet Coke cold.
Good news: Dinger was in fine form.
Good news: The little kids loved the face painting and balloon figures.
Good news: The bigger kids loved the inflated play areas.
Good news: Not too bad a crowd for an early season game.
Good news: Julian got a game ball.
Good news: There seemed to be some new promotions, like the "find your shoes" thing.
Good news: Jake the Diamond dog was there, watering the umpires as usual.
Weird news: We shared the parking lot with all the alpaca people.
Bad news: The Wizards did not look very all.
Observation: As much as I think a downtown stadium will be fun, and as badly as downtown needs a shot in the arm, it just seems like bad stewardship of the public's tax dollars to tear down a 15-year-old facility that is in good shape. That Memorial Stadium has to be torn down keeps me from supporting Harrison Square 100%.
Good news: We had a really good time, and thank God! Spring's here!

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