Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Graham Richard to speak at North Carolina symposium

Understand This: Broadband Is a Necessity, not Luxury, for All Communities, Rural Areas :: "Graham Richard, former mayor of Fort Wayne, Ind., will discuss how Fort Wayne is now positioned as one of the most wired and inspired cities in the country, specifically because of the role of broadband in Fort Wayne’s economic development strategy. Richard will also share a case study of how Fort Wayne uses technology to fight crime – an initiative that has resulted in the lowest crime rate in the city in over 20 years."

Being a web site administrator, I couldn't agree more, that broadband is a necessity. Not just for economic development, or crime-fighting--but I think it's one piece in a big puzzle to keep or attract "creative class" folks. When Hillary Clinton was here, she spoke briefly to the parking-lot crowd, and she spoke words she knew a community with a manufacturing base would want to hear, and I paraphrase: It's about jobs, jobs, jobs! I promise I will bring manufacturing jobs back to Fort Wayne!

Well, good luck, Hil. I hope you do. It's not happening now.

When I look to the future, I think we're going to be better off banking on improving our technological infrastructure, supporting our great network of local colleges and universities and keeping their grads in the area, and having our economic development dollars and efforts aimed at making Fort Wayne a center for new technologies and new businesses, with eyes on the future, not the past.

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