Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fort Wayne gets the love from Oprah

Big Give in Fort Wayne, Indiana
I've been really busy and missed this: that we were the biggest giver for Oprah's Big Give for communities.
When I heard what we would be spending our Big Give seed money on, I, personally, was happy, but I knew that the walking and bike trails decision would catch some fallout. As it did. Trails are not food.
But if Indiana is among the fattest states in the U.S. (and wouldn't this make us among the fattest people in the world? I'll have to Google that), we simply. must. do. something. about. that.
Because obesity costs us all--in insurance increases, in health care increases, in grief for loved ones lost too early to weight-related causes.
I spoke to a weight-loss group here at work last week, my sole claim to fame being having lost 60 pounds three years ago. So I know how hard it is, and I know the two things people have to do to lose weight:
1) eat better (less junk, shoot, less in general)
And our community can do no better service to our citizens than to provide easy to access, safe trails for the easiest movement of all: walking (or running or riding bikes as you choose).
So thanks! Oprah's Big Give, and the community of Ft. Wayne/Allen County. What a worthy cause!

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