Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thank you, County Council : Fort Wayne news, sports, jobs, homes, cars: "“I believe that any local taxing unit that is pushing for an increase in the local income tax at this time is simply a poor steward of taxpayer dollars,” said Paul Moss, County Council president in a statement. “A much more prudent approach would be to examine the effects of the Legislature’s actions more carefully and begin a detailed review of the many areas where local government can reduce expenses.”"

I've been thinking it's extremely ill-advised of the mayor to so aggressively promote a tax increase, income or otherwise. While it's wise to be cautious with the new property tax structure, the truth is, the city, nor anyone, really knows what will happen. Certainly plans must be made, but doesn't the city realize the bad vibes all the take of increase, increase, increase creates? Why not approach the situation with cautious optimism, let citizens know that several scenarios might occur (that might or might now include a tax increase of some kind), and monitor the situation? Why create so much negative publicity?

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