Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sometimes, living in Indiana frightens me

South Bend Tribune: Segregation worth talking about, says candidate: "“I don’t have enough facts to support it,” [Tony] Zirkle said of his proposal, speaking with The Tribune. “I think it would need a congressional study to see if I support it. It may mean the cost of transferring people is too high.”"

No, he's not talking about immigration--sending illegal immigrants back to their native lands. He's talking about re-segregating the U.S. He'd lump Hispanic people "in with whites," but everyone else--you'd be getting a new address. It "might take a century" to put in all in place. But if you're of mixed race, good news: you'd get to "declare what culture" you'd want to live in.

Zirkle want to be the Republican nominee in 2nd Congressional District. I'll be watching how many votes he gets. Carefully.

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