Sunday, March 16, 2008

Operation Pull Over... Please visit County Line Road

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: State Police Boost Presence: "Indiana state police are working overtime this week to boost patrol for dangerous drivers. Troopers are cracking down on speeders and reckless driving for St. Patricks Day. Spring break ends this week for a lot of colleges as well, so there will be a lot of travel in conjunction with the holiday."

Dear State Police,
Please come visit West County Line Road (aka 800E). This thoroughfare often seems to be mistaken for the Autobahn. The posted speed limit is often mistaken for 500 mph, rather than 50, so I'm suspicious that the persons driving the road are indeed German, because they can't seem to read English. Also, they seem to have forgotten everything they learned to get their learner's permit, such as, that a double yellow line means DO NOT PASS.

And, worst of all, they seem to leave their common sense in their garages. For here is a COUNTY ROAD, not an interstate, with no berm, bad sight lines, no turn lanes, and continuous yellow lines because of the rolling nature of the terrain, and it seems to me that anyone with one ounce of common sense would know that this is NOT a road to speed on. And yet even going 60mph does not seem to make these speeders happy. Because they really enjoy riding my speed-limit-going rear end from Covington all the way to Rt. 24. Nearly. Every. Day. Even when the weather is bad.

And if it's bad enough in the mornings, afternoons bring even more hazards, for PEDESTRIANS and CYCLISTS seem to feel the need to use this dragway--I fear for their very lives. And indeed question their common sense too.

Especially the Budweiser truck that flies north every morning--dear State Police friends, please track this driver down and give him a big, fat ticket. Because he scares the bejesus out of me. And he is very wide.

While I've got your attention, could you take a ride down Covington Road, near Scott, around 7:30 a.m. some morning? Because there's a lady walking nearly every day along the side of Covington, with the traffic, in dark clothes, IN the dark. And I DO NOT want to be the one to hit her. Because I think someone is going to. And I cannot imagine what she is thinking.

Well, thanks for your time, dear State Police Troopers. Be careful out there. Especially on County Line Road.

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  1. Cathy:
    Same goes for many streets on the south side of Ft. Wayne.
    We DO have our share of "impaired" drivers, make NO mistake about THAT, but people (pedestrians)just LOVE to walk down the middle of the darn streets, when there's a perfectly good sidewalk within 6 feet.

    We ALSO have impaired VEHICLES - those with NO mufflers, bad tires, blown out headlights, no brake or tail lights and inoperable license plate bulbs.
    But even after seeing the same people get away with NOT replacing these items for YEARS...nothing is STILL getting done.

    Heck, we've had people speeding around here daily, as well as hanging out of the car door, while the vehicle drives ITSELF down the street. WTH is wrong with that picture?

    Screw the seatbelt jazz...let's get these cars and people OFF the city streets. Seatbelts should be the LAST thing they should be ticketing in this case!
    That SHOULD be simple enough.