Sunday, March 30, 2008

Indiana counts!?: from Newsweek--The New Super Tuesday

The New Super Tuesday | Newsweek Politics: Campaign 2008 | "'For Democrats here, it's been so long since [a primary] mattered,' said Mark Osbun, a Fort Wayne resident buttonholed by two Obama organizers outside a grocery store. 'This is the most emotional cycle I've been through.'"

What an amazing couple of weeks in Indiana politics. First, Bill Clinton; Friday night, Hillary--and now Indiana actually getting mentioned as the "new super Tuesday" in Newsweek. Did I move back to Ohio and not notice?

I've coined a new phrase for myself as spectator at political gatherings: political tourist. I'll go see anyone. Is Ron Paul coming?

From Friday night, above. On the news last night we saw Mayor Henry helping open up the Obama headquarters, among others. Somebody should do a video: Allen Co. Democrats Gone Wild!

We arrived at Coventry a little after five, and if at first it didn't seem too chilly, by 6 p.m. my pinkies were frozen. (And I had gloves on.) So we were just praying that Hillary would speak first and roundtable later, seeing as we had a table being saved for us right next door in warm, comfy Applebee's. She did, thank goodness. The male members of our family, who had been holding the corner table, reported they had had a perfect view of the proceedings, that they could hear the short speech on the TV right above the table, and they were perfectly warm and had already eaten appetizers. I'm not sure that counts as "attending the event" or not. I think you have to suffer to say you participated. Thoughts?

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