Thursday, March 6, 2008

I just realized...

...I am totally, fully, thoroughly sick of hearing about, thinking about, anticipating, talking about, and dreading, the weather. And I like weather.

I shan't try to imagine that first spring day, that day when the sun feels warm and the air does too, and birds we haven't heard since fall are back and letting us know, and maybe the grass even looks a little green, and if the leaves aren't out yet on the trees, well, you can tell by the big, fat buds they are going to be. I'm just not letting myself imagine that day, not imagine that it might be here, maybe not next weekend, maybe not next week, but soon, and for the rest of the summer. We'll always have ... oh wait.

Winter. Weather. Advisory. Winter.Winter. Winter. Winnnnttttttterrrrrr..................

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