Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hunt Club fire

I learned through blogs about the water pressure/fire hydrant problems, and was interested to see the fire chief place a lot of blame on Aqua Indiana. Since the north takeover I've figured it's only a matter of time until southwest gets hostile too. With a 100% rate increase looming, I sure don't care. I don't have any real serious beefs with A.I.--not as bad as some complaints I've read. My biggest complaint would be low water pressure, which mostly affects the washer. But no water pressure in a hydrant--that's different, and unacceptable. Low water pressure in a washer means my clothes take a littler longer to get clean; no water pressure in a hydrant--that might mean someone's life. Fix that fast, especially as Hunt Club seems to be burning down buildings at a pretty fair clip.

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