Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dreaming of Target

Pine Tree, Inland To Open 275,000-SF Center: "The center should open by October, he says."

I picked this story up on various blogs yesterday; and it answered our burning question, "When will Target be open?" So, October. In time for Christmas.

We knew the old schoolhouse salon (and yes, I've had a haircut there) was going to be moved -- tomorrow. Wish I could be there to watch it! And in a time when even historical neighborhood find their old homes being razed unexpectedly, it's really kind of refreshing that Pine Tree is doing this:
"The development has an interesting story that’s about to play out this week. Included in the 16 parcels purchased to form this site was a 1890s-era, two-room brick schoolhouse, that was formerly being used as a hair salon. The joint venture is paying to move the property a quarter of a mile northeast, on Wednesday, March 12, to an area along Thomas Road, so that the building may be saved from demolition. “Saving the schoolhouse will be more expensive than razing it,” Boruszak says. “We felt it was an interesting part of Fort Wayne’s history and wanted to preserve it for the community.” The 1,835-sf schoolhouse will be leased out as another retail store, such as a coffee shop, he says."

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