Friday, February 22, 2008

A new radio station for Ft. Wayne?

I had a survey-type phone call last night, asking too many questions about my radio preferences, but I was so curious as to the purpose that I played along. I was asked how long I listen to the radio each day and what stations I listen to (for the curious, NPR morning and go-home time; XM every other time).
The survey questioner then asked direct questions, if I ever listened to a long list of local stations, to which my answer was no: I am so sick of oldies, I think if I hear "Jack and Diane" one more time, I shall expire. "The best of the '80s, '90s and today" just makes me tired. And Ft. Wayne radio seems obsessed with 1) talk I don't need to listen to and 2) oldies.
So finally we got to the point of the call: Would I be interested in listening to a station that played country music of yesterday and today? And then he played a snippet of what the station might sound like (heavy on Kenny Cheasney).
Since this sounded a lot like the stations we already have, that I already don't listen to except in other people's vehicles, I had to answer "no."
It'll be interesting to see if one of the country stations tries to relaunch itself, or if some other station changes to country.
I might have to pay for it, but thank goodness for XM. It's worth it.

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