Thursday, February 7, 2008

IU tonight...and more

Yes, Hoosier fans, thank God for a number 13 ranking and ESPNHD, for there are the Hoosiers big as life, playing the Illini,the Eric Gordon haters. Let the heckling begin.
Flooding update: it sucks to live between SR24 and the Little River, because that river does not respect its banks in a light rain, much less the three-day deluge and snow melt of this week. And some people do--there are a couple houses that are veritable islands in the stream, that is what they are. Vine Street in Roanoke--don't go there, either.
If all this freezes, as it may on Sunday, what a mess. We'll be able to skate on the fields--which might not be a bad thing, for those who want to skate. Not that deep. Safer than a pond.
We were lamenting what's become of the state tournament the other day, both for girls and boys. I really didn't care whether Indiana instituted the class system or not--I could see both sides. For the kids playing, the communities, I think it's just as exciting as ever. But it's the wider net that's lost. When all attention was focused on the single class system, that was a lot of attention, and you always knew what was going on, who had won and who had lost, and where the next game was. That's too bad. But was it really about the wider net, or about the kids playing? And do they really care?
I was thinking about something else, too, after reading the paper--the letter about the Embassy walkway. Some lament that it will detract from the historical structure. But what's more important? Keeping something exactly as it was, in deference to the past? Or allowing a modification that will allow that structure to be as useful in the future as it was in the past?

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