Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A growing mess on Illinois Road/SR 14

We've known for a couple years that SR14 was scheduled to be expanded to four lanes plus a turning lane. Then last year a sign went up that it was part of the "Major Moves" funding.
And having survived several other road projects that affected my commuting, while I know I will appreciate the project when it's done, I dread the actual construction.
Which has started, with the removal of trees--the worst part, in a way--that leaves the road looking shorn and forlorn, especially in winter; new utility poles are going up, creating muddy messes by the side of the road; and the entrance to Shorewood has been torn out.
This last is a big relief, vandals keep taking the "S" off the sign (and I mean, about once a month). Although last time they got a little more "creative" and took more letters off (XhoXXwood).
Hopefully the new entrance sign will be vandal-proof. Or they'll change the name to something more appropriate (seeing as the place never had any shores NOR much woods--it was a field).

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