Monday, February 4, 2008

Good writing from the Superbowl

Found these articles on line, from The Fifth Down, the New York Times NFL blog. These entries are by Will Letich, "... the editor of and a frequent contributor to Play: The New York Times Sports Magazine. His latest book is “God Save the Fan.”
He was attending his first Superbowl week, and feeling disillusioned by it all.
First, read this pregame one, which highlights all the worst the week had to offer:

Welcome to the Program, Shill Man - The Fifth Down - Sports - Football - New York Times Blog

Next, go read this one, written post-game:

"The Game Comes to the Rescue, and Oh, What a Game It Was."

I think his post-game entry reminded me of why even a casual fan like me watches sports in the first place (besides providing conversation with one's male family members). Sometimes, nothing happens like people predict it will, and it's just fun.

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